The best online live roulette casino: learn how to win with a great strategy

Roulette is an incredible game with quite a smile gameplay. Firstly, participants locate their chips on the bet marks they want to go with. In the live version, the real dealer places chips on the real table and it is broadcasted to the screen of all participants. Secondly, the dealer rotates the wheel and then he rotates the ball in the opposite direction. The ball finally gets into some cell on the wheel and winners become rewarded. Winning bets are defined by the characteristics of that cell: the gamers, who guessed right, win.

Rules and characteristics

Common features that all versions of roulette including the live variant share are:

  • a betting table is designed with a special layout; the name of the bet is written on the table in a certain cell;
  • the wheel in the best online live roulette casino is divided into colored units that usually include 36 red and black units and one to three green units;
  • each unit has its own numeral that can be odd or even; green ones can be a zero, a double zero, or a triple zero;
  • the house edge varies from 1.35% up to over 7%, but live versions usually have around 1.35-3.5%;

The live option provides an incredible casino atmosphere even through the screen. All players and the dealer can communicate and support the liveliness of the game. This is a perfect choice to spend your time having fun, learning, and winning.

The live online roulette casino tips and strategies

best online live roulette casino game

The rolling of both the wheel and the ball is random. The result cannot be predicted and does not depend on anything. However, receiving a successful or failed result can set the following decision of the gamer if he decides to use a particular strategy for the game. All strategies recommend making even money bets believing that success will eventually come and the gamer will compensate all previous loses. The following methods are popular:

  1. the Martingale: if the gamer loses the round, he needs to double his bet;
  2. the reverse Martingale; if the gamer succeeds in the round, he needs to double his bet;
  3. the D’Alembert: if the gamer wins, he needs to subtract a coin from his bet and if he fails, he needs to add a coin;
  4. the Paroli: if the gamer wins, he needs to double the bet and replicate the sequence if there he has a successful result three times successively.

For a better and safer experience, the gamer has to go to the live game with a set budget that cannot be exceeded. If the gamer wants to have potentially better payouts, he needs to choose European or French live roulettes because their RTP is the highest.

The bets used in live dealer roulette online casinos

Two categories are in the betting system of this game. The table has particular zones for both categories. The category “inside bets” includes:

  • Straight – on the numeral;
  • Split – on two numerals with one marking side on the table’s layout;
  • Street – on three numerals in a horizontal line on the layout;
  • Corner – on four numerals in a square on the layout;
  • Double Street – on six numerals in two adjacent horizontal lines on the layout;
  • Trio – on three numerals including zero with the common corner on the layout;
  • First Four/Basket – on the first four numerals on the layout.

The category “outside bets” includes:

  • High/Low – on the range of numerals up to 18 and from 19;
  • Red/Black;
  • Odd/Even;
  • Dozen – on three ranges: 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36;
  • Column – on the vertical line on the layout;
  • Snake – on the zigzag from 1 to 34 on the layout.

Outside bets have low coefficients like 1 to 1 and 2 to 1 because of the high probability to be successful.

All the bets and payout are regulated by the dealer and the whole process can be seen on the screen due to broadcasting the game from the studio.

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